What is Faithway Alliance?

Farm and Rural Lifestyle Products are provided through Faithway Alliance, a joint venture between Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC), Alabama Farmers Cooperative (AFC), Alliance Farm and Ranch, and Faithway Feeds.
This company was established Aug. 1, 2020 and focuses on sales, marketing, customer service, procurement, inventory management, warehousing, and distribution for farm supplies at TFC, AFC, and Faithway Feeds. Faithway Alliance provides member Co-ops with products from categories such as lawn and garden, farm hardware and fencing, automotive, horticulture, and home goods.

Co-op Livestock Equipment

Co-op offers all the equipment and fencing products you need to work, contain, and care for all sorts of traditional and non-traditional farm animals and pets.

If you’re looking to fulfill the items on your TAEP (Tennessee Ag Enhancement Program) shopping list, constructing a fence, or gearing up for hay season, Co-op can provide the products and guidance you need. Choose from items like gates, corral panels, and bunk feeders produced at Co-op’s own Metal Fabrication plant in LaVergne, or select from nationally known suppliers of fencing, hardware, and livestock equipment. Co-op experts can help you design animal containment and handling facilities to make your job safer and easier.


Home, Lawn & Garden

We have the products to make your lawn and garden the envy of the neighborhood. Our extensive selection includes garden and lawn seed, ornamental plants, fertilizers, pest control products, and related equipment — all of which come with Co-op expertise included. Bird watchers, beekeepers, and backyard chick enthusiasts will find the supplies they’re looking for, too. A wide range of pet, equine, and companion animal products as well as inputs for non-traditional farming enterprises round out this category. Come explore the possibilities at your local Co-op.

Tires, Batteries & Accessories

Co-op has the tires, lubricants, batteries, or fuel you need for your tractor, farm truck, SUV, or passenger vehicle. Co-op offers a wide range of options — many of which are branded exclusively for the Co-op system. Across the state, many Co-ops have tire centers and may perform other mechanical work, like brake jobs, oil changes, and other minor repairs. Fuel centers and on-the-farm fuel delivery are available at some locations.

Co-op Outdoors

Who knows the outdoors and nature better than farmers? Nobody.

Whether you’re after deer, turkey, or game birds, you’ll find the hunting supplies you need at your local Co-op. If you’re simply looking for rugged work wear or a sturdy pair of boots, Co-op has you covered there, too.

You can find seed for your latest wildlife plot and the expertise to help you get growing. We have deer stands and duck blinds and all the products you need for a successful hunt. Visit your local Co-op and then get outside!

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